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Natural - Easy to Apply Technique = Companion Planting

Companion Planting Book will guide you, the student to start your own companion planting garden. Jeannine Davidoff lists which vegetables, herbs and flowers should grow together. Companion Planting requires no pesticides and no chemicals to control pests in the garden when growing vegetables, herbs and flowers. Companion Planting is an affordable and healthy way to create healthy eating straight from your own garden.

When companion planting is applied:

  • Crops will be compatible with each other: eg. lettuce love potato.
  • Crops that are not compatible: eg. potato do not like tomato, they should grow on the opposite side of the garden where they can be happy and grow abundantly

Growing herbs like Thyme in amongst the crops will benefit most of the plants in the garden. When Thyme is planted close to eggplant and cabbage, they will thrive. Thyme repels insects, is used as a herb in the kitchen and is a powerful herbal remedy.

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Good gardening.