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Jeannine Davidoff Collection

The Venus Collection is presented in a series of 4 paintings. Venus and her Temptation unfold. In each painting, the pull of the sea is apparent. Cupid gives her a gift of flowers in the first frame, stars in the second. In the third, her friend joins in to woo her in. In the forth, she is drawn into the depths, floating with trust and calmness. Knowing that the sea is a perilous place, yet being so able to just allow herself to float.

Venus Collection per size:

20" x 20" (51cm x 51cm)

Each painting can be individually purchased by clicking on each individual painting.
All 4 painting can be purchased in one package [price below].
Each piece of art was painted with acrylic on a canvas by Jeannine Davidoff

Click for more artwork by Jeannine Davidoff


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