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Natural Health

Natural Health is for anyone looking for an alternative solutions to stay healthy naturally. Melojak promotes personally used and loved natural health products that assist in promoting a healthier lifestyle.

We are currently working towards changing the way we eat by growing our own organic vegetable garden. Jeannine Davidoff and I have collabirated on articles that hilight the core reasons to intergrate nutritional benefits of vegetables into our eating habits that build a healthy lifestyle to stay healthier throughout our fast paced and demanding schedules.

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What does Natural mean?
a. of or produced by nature; normal; not seeming artificial or affected; (of a note in music) neither sharp or flat. - n. person or thing that seems naturally suited for something. ~ The Oxford Paperback Dictionary.
Take charge of your health this season by taking care of your health today. Here are Natural Health Products that provide assistance to general health issues that are related to our everyday lives.
Stomach ComfortA natural antacid chewable tablet that neutralizes the pH balance in the digestive system in times of stomach discomfort. Finish eating, feeling bloated?

  $21.15 Canadian  

Papaya Mint A delicious mint/ papaya combination nutritionally supports the digestive system, reducing gas, indigestion & heartburn. The mint helps with bad breath in minutes.

  $16.25 Canadian  

Digestive Enzymes (Cnd only)To improve digestion, enzymes break down carbohydrates and fats to get rid of indigestion, gas, acid reflux and bloating. Taken during a meal to help food digest.

  $32.10 Canadian  

Keep Chemicals Out Your Body

Keep Chemicals off Your Plate

Natural Health for Health Solutions

Natural Health Remedies

Include vegetables into our diet for their antioxidants, energy boosting qualities and immune system enhancers. Vegetable nutritional benefits are underestimated on how effective they can be to our overall health.
cucumber from organic gardenCucumber is a multi purposed vegetable. Cucumber nutritional benefits range from speed healing to refreshing summer coolers. They are blood cleansers and great in ...[continue reading]
carrotCarrots come in different shapes and sizes: the traditional long, tapered ones and short stubby ones. The carrot nutritional benefits contribute to speed healing when ...[continue reading]
onion from organic garden Onion are one of our most valuable vegetable for thousand of years. The onion family includes chives, leeks and garlic. Onions are a brilliant natural anti bacterial tool for ....[continue reading]

Natural Health Products

Papaya MintPapaya Mint is a chewable table that provides relief from indigestion, gas and heartburn. Papaya Mint tablets contain peppermint and papaya. Peppermint provides fresh breath & papaya enzymes get rid of the gas, indigestion and heartburn.

  $16.25 Canadian  

SolsticSolstic Energy is a nutrient-rich formula that boosts energy without the jitters and crashes of other energy drinks. Need a natural kick? Solstic is delicious. Just add water.

  $21.10 Canadian  

ZambrozaZambroza is a delicious tasting, nutritional beverage designed to increase energy and promote health. Zambroza's main ingredient is mangosteen, a tropical fruit commonly known as the "queen of fruit".

  $34.70 Canadian  

Organic food is a booming business in Canada, with sales reportedly rising by 20 per cent a year for most of this decade. The market has grown so quickly that major supermarket chains are having difficulty keeping up with demand. Read more

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