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How to Grow Parsnip at Home

How to grow parsnip

How to Grow Parsnip at Home

  • Pasnip seed is flat round and brown which you can scatter on the ground where you want them to grow.
  • Add lots of compost to the soil before you plant your parsnips.
  • Use a fork to loosen the ground before sowing the seed, without turning the soil, so the roots can penetrate easily.
  • Cover the seeds with a light layer of soil and press it down.
  • Water the area with a light spray for ten days, and the seedlings should appear.
  • Once your seedlings are standing about eight centimetres high, you thin them out, much like thinning carrots.
  • Thinning means that you remove every second plant to allow space for the root to develop.

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Companion Planting with Parsnip

    Companions (do well together)
  • Parsnips enjoy the company of Onions, Radish, Garlic, Pea, Pepper and Potato.

  • Antagonists (don't do well together)
  • The only plants that Parsnips prefer to be away from are Peas and Beans.
  • Parsnip are useful to plant with other crops. It is an insect repellent. The strong smell keeps most insects at bay.

Tips on Harvesting & Eating Parsnip

  • Parsnips can take up to three to four months to reach maturity before harvesting.
  • Make sure the ground is moist and loose before taking them out the ground.
  • The stems will snap off at the root if the ground is hard and dry.
  • If it does happen to snap, use a fork to loosen the root to get it out of the ground.
  • Be careful that you do not damage the root when you dig around it.
  • Wash the roots well, removing any soil remaining on the vegetable.
  • Parsnip can be baked, steamed, roasted and used to make wine.
  • Boiled parsnips can be mashed. Add a little butter, milk, salt and pepper for taste.

Recipe to Cook Organic Parsnip

Parsnip and Broad Bean Curry Soup
  • 1 chopped onion
  • Curry powder / masala
  • Cumin seeds, aniseed, coriander seeds
  • 3-4 parsnips (peeled and chopped)
  • 1-2 cups dried broad beans (soaked overnight) or 1 can of red kidney or black beans
  • 2-3 peeled and chopped potatoes
  • 2-3 grated carrots
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • Salt and pepper
  • Oil for frying

  • Fry the onion, add curry and masala, cumin seeds, aniseed, coriander seeds to taste.
  • Fry lightly.
  • Stir and then add the vegetables and water, cook for 30-40 minutes, till the parsnips, beans and potatoes are tender.
  • Add the garlic salt and pepper.
  • Serve with home-baked bread. This is a delicious treat for a cold day.

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