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How to Grow Cucumber at Home

How to grow cucumber

How to Grow Cucumber at Home

  • The seeds of a cucumber go straight into the soil where you want it to grow.
  • Add 5-8 seeds to a hole dug twice the depth of the seed.
  • To get a better yield, each cucumber seeds should be planted in hills
  • Cucumber seed germinates in about ten days, so keep it well watered until the little teardrop shaped leaves appear.
  • This vegetable grows as a vine.
  • It is recommended to either train them to grow up a fence or a support, or just allowed them to ramble on the ground.
  • Like all the pumpkin family, cucumber does not like to get water on their leaves.
  • When the leaves get too wet, powdery mildew will form.
  • It is best to water cucumbers at the base of the plant.

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Companion Planting with Cucumber

    Companions (do well together)
  • They love the company of Beans, Maize, Peas, Radish, Sunflowers, Choko and Lettuce.
  • Plant Dill, Yarrow, Lemon Balm, Chamomile and Chives to help keep the pests away and improve the soil.

  • Antagonists (don't do well together)
  • Potato does not grow well next to cucumbers.

Tips on Harvesting & Eating Cucumber

  • Harvest the cucumber when it gets to the required length of their variety, this will bring a better yield.
  • Make sure to cut the cucumber off the stem with a sharp knife.
  • Tearing or tugging can damage the vegetable.
  • You should leave some of the radish to go to seed where the cucumbers are growing, as the radish seed heads keep the cucumber beetles away.
  • Small cucumbers can be used to make gherkins.
  • Wash them, place them in clean sterilised bottles and cover with vinegar, sugar and add some peppercorn and dill seeds.
  • Seal the bottle tightly and label.

Recipe to Juice Organic Cucumber

Body Cleansing Juice
  • ½ cucumber
  • 1 beet
  • 5 carrots

  • Wash all vegetables.
  • Cut tops and ends off the carrots, beet and cucumber.
  • Depending on the size of the opening of the juicer, prepare to cut the vegetables to fit.
  • Mix juiced cucumber, beet and carrots together.
  • Sip don't gulp.

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