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How to Start Organic Vegetable GardenWe apply companion planting to grow vegetables, herbs & flowers in our garden. We grew a variety to complement our diet that guides our choses on what to grow. I receive guidance from Jeannine Davidoff who consults me on companion planting. Here are 5 steps on how to start a companion planting garden this season.
Companion planting is one of two things that go together. Growing vegetables, herbs & flowers together to create a balanced natural environment that will get rid of pests and ward off disease.
How to Start Organic Vegetable Garden In this series of articles, we'll explain how to start an organic vegetable garden with companion planting in 5 steps. This guide will begin the process of how to integrate an natural approach in the garden with companion planting. I got some guidance from Jeannine Davidoff with five steps on how to start a vegetable garden with companion planting.
How to Start Organic Vegetable GardenThere are 5 basic steps to follow when starting an natural garden using companion planting. Creating an natural garden using companion planting is challenging, but once you apply the principles you ......[continue reading]
observe and layout where your garden should be When you wake up in the morning, and stumble out of bed, you head into the kitchen and look out the window. You wonder about how to make a garden that is filled with nutritious vegetables, a range of fresh [continue reading]
organic seeds for veggie garden
Successful natural vegetable gardening depends on good quality seed and seedlings. Good quality seeds mean that they are free from chemical treatment or that they are not GMO (Genetically Modified Seed). If [continue reading]
Organic Vegetable Garden Soil Soil is the foundation of wellness in the garden. Vegetable Garden Soil will influence the success of the crops that are being grown and how much it can yield for the summer in the natural [continue reading]
Water Organic Vegetable Garden
Water is important to get a healthy crop in the garden. If you can choose where your garden is going to be, have the water source close-by for easy usability and efficiency. An outside tap is the perfect solution [continue reading]
Companion Planting Vegetable Garden
The art and science of applying Companion Planting to your vegetable garden pays off in so many ways. Companion Planting is also known as Intercropping. [continue reading]

Jeannine Davidoff, a South African organic gardener
Jeannine Davidoff is a Permiculture Consultant. She has joined Melojak via modern technology to advise and guide us on our journey to grow our own companion planting garden in Ontario, Canada. Anyone can grow an vegetable, herb, flower garden using companion planting anywhere in the world by common guidelines of gardening.
dr earthwormJeannine Davidoff wrote a book called, Companion Planting. She lists popular vegetables, herbs and flowers that we love to eat. Jeannine lists what combinations and how to use them.
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dr earthwormHi. I'm Dr. Earthworm. I love to solve problems in the vegetable garden. Ask Dr. Earthworm a question. "I'll find a natural solution to any situation in the garden." Click Here.

  Pictures of Companion Planting
in Vegetable Garden

Start the planning process
Are you going to start a garden this spring? Natural gardening is affordable. We recommend two solutions to a chemical free garden: 1. Companion planting uses vegetables, herbs and flowers to work together to create a naturally balanced ecosystem . 2. Mulch will protect the soil and replace nutrients in the soil.

Learn How to Go Green, Go Natural 

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Growing vegetables the natural way!
Growing vegetables the natural way with companion planting to spice up your life and provide nutritious food.
Prepare the Soil for Spring
Soil is alive and needs nutrients to produce good crops. Prepare the soil by repairing it with mulch. Cover the soil with organic matter. Use compost and mulch, this will deposit nutrients back into the soil. Liquid fertilizers can also help boost the nutrients in the soil to produce vegetables, herbs & flowers in a natural environment.
How to Grow Beetroot,organic Vegetable Garden1. Beetroot are best planted directly in the place you want them to grow. It's important to keep the soil moist around the seedlings. In five to eight days after planting [continue reading]
How to Grow Onion,organic Vegetable Garden1. Onions takes 9 months (summer to spring) for an onion to reach maturity from seed. Usually you can plant the little black seeds in beds and then transplant them when they are about 3 months old. [continue reading]
How to Grow Potato,organic Vegetable Garden1. Potatoes can be harvested twice in a season. If planted early in the early season to get the first crop then a later variety to get the late season crop. They grow in full sun. [continue reading]
What does Organic mean?
Organic is natural. No chemicals are used or needed. Free of pesticides.

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