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Shipping Cost

Melojak provides Paypal for the Shopping Cart Experience.
Packages will be shipped via Canada Post.

- Shipping Cost
- Shipping & Handling

Shipping Orders to Destination
  • We take great care to ensure your order arrives at its destination.
  • Note: Please verify your shipping address before placing your final order. An additional shipping charge will be applied to your credit card if we have to re-ship or redirect an item because of a shipping address error.
Shipping & Handling
  • Orders are processed for shipment during normal business hours only [9:00am - 5:00pm, Mon - Fri, excluding Holidays].
  • If a package is returned to us without reason, we will contact you via email and/or the telephone to resolve the issue.
  • If the package is lost or damaged during shipment to the customer, the customer will not be liable. The order will be re-shipped free of charge or the customer will be credited for the value of the order pending investigation.
  • If you do not receive your order within the maximum amount of time specified, please contact us so we can trace the package before we ship a replacement. Contact us about unreceived orders.
  • The maximum delay before declaring a package lost is 30 days. Please, note that we will only credit an item or an order that was lost after further investigation and upon reception of the appropriate affidavit, signed by the customer. If a product is damaged in transit, Melojak will issue a credit upon the reception of the damaged item.
  • It is the responsiblity of the customer to use the appropriate carrier and take the necessary protections when shipping products back to Melojak. If the package is lost during the shipping and Melojak does not receive it, no credit will be granted. The shipping protection only guarantees shipping to the customer, not back to Melojak.
  • If the customer sends an item for return without positive identification containing no source of identifying the customer, no order-number or without authorization, [the customer is obligated to contact Melojak to obtain a Return Authorization Number and instructions], no credit will be issued and Melojak will not ship back the item to the customer.
  • Delivery takes place on working business days only.
  • All taxes or custom charges are at the expense of the buyer. If a package is refused by a customer and the address is right, Melojak will issue a credit equivalent to the value of the order upon receiving it back. Please refer to the Return Policy.

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